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“We understand the importance of investment tools and equipment for exploration and mining companies, which is why we offer a complete solution of services and products.”

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We are Al Sayyaf International Investment Corporation, we supply drilling tools and foodstuffs. And auxiliary equipment for companies operating in exploration and mining
We have a dedicated team of technicians and staff whose role is to provide professional services and solutions to the client
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"Supply of drilling tools:"
"We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality drilling tools designed to meet the needs of industries relying on drilling, with a focus on outstanding performance and durability."
"Supply of food products:"
"Our services include the supply of high-quality and diverse food products designed to meet the needs of companies and institutions, with a focus on quality and cost-effective provision."
Providing all safety materials
Providing all safety materials and personal protective equipment in accordance with international standards.
"Customized Services for Clients:"
"We take pride in offering customized services that align with the unique needs of each client. Whether you are seeking an immediate solution or gradual improvement, we are here to support you."
"Supplying the necessary equipment for companies in the field of exploration and mining:"
"We provide advanced and efficient equipment for exploration and mining companies, contributing to improved productivity and achieving high efficiency in their operations."
"Quality Assurance:"
"We are committed to providing high-quality products and services, with each product undergoes inspection according to the highest standards to ensure customer satisfaction."
"Equipment Rental"
"Equipment Rental Complex: Water trailers, diesel trucks, and excavators - a comprehensive solution for your project needs with quality and efficiency."
"Supply of Spare Parts:"
"In addition to our core services, we provide fast and efficient supply of essential spare parts, minimizing production downtime and enhancing overall performance efficiency."


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